1999 Pennsylvania Rainbow Gathering Photo Page 17

Photos from Seed Camp Journal: Notes from the 1999 Pennsylvania Rainbow Gathering

A Rainbow wedding: Leon and Olenka were married at sundown on July 3rd in a secluded meadow behind Buffalo Camp. Twenty-five to 30 friends from the Buffalo area were present to witness their vows to be "lifelong honies" in the names of all the Gods and Goddesses "except Krishna". When the couple entered the meadow, they were cascaded by a familiar Rainbow greeting: "Weeeee Luvvvvv Youuuuu!"

Standing barefoot on a rock that was illuminated by a ring of candles, both partners were visibly moved. Olenka, whose parents immigrated from the Ukraine, stopped several times to wipe the tears off her cheeks. Leon's voice leapt as he began to repeat his vow. They caressed each other's hands for reassurance and the forest was silent when they whispered the words "until death do us part" to each other.

Afterwards, everyone reassembled at Buffalo Camp and feasted on steamed rice and spicy vegetarian chili with candy bars and Reese's peanut butter cups for dessert.